3 Surprising Ways That Joint Pain Can Ruin Your Family Life…

filed by Dr. Jennifer Bosley | March 15, 2017

3 Surprising Ways That Joint Pain Can Ruin Your Family Life…
And How You Can Alleviate It Today!


We women are SUPERHEROES. We are the pillars of strength that hold the modern family together.

When a teenage daughter has boyfriend problems, we are there to lend a sympathetic ear.

When a grandchild comes to visit, we are there to shower them with love and attention. Only with our care can a house become a home.



What happens however, when chronic pain affects our ability
to care for our family?

Everybody gets the occasional ache or pain. However, chronic joint pain can severely impact one’s quality of life. The CDC estimates that 41 million women in the US suffer from such a condition.

Additionally, researchers say that not only are women more likely than men to be burdened by joint pain, they also have a more difficult time finding the right treatment.

Here, 3 women describe how such pain negatively
impacted their home lives:





“I had nagging pains in my hips and lower back since my late 30’s but I only decided to do something about it when it began to affect my intimate relationship with my husband. I was embarrassed to say anything to him but the pain in my hips had gotten so bad that I no longer looked forward to lovemaking… “

-Jill, Age 42


“I had dreamt of being a grandmother for years before my daughter Alisson gave birth to my first grandchild, Cooper. Obviously, I offered to babysit every chance I got. What I didn’t realize is the toll that it would take on my joints. One weekend of lifting Cooper, and my back would be out of commission for the next 2 weeks. I still had many years of babysitting left, and my chiropractic bill was adding up so I had to find a solution…”

-Brenda, Age 62

“Having two teenage boys was never easy. It was even more difficult when the arthritis in my hands would act up. I was usually very patient. When I was in pain though, I was much likelier to snap at them or as they liked to call it go into “Ragemode.” They learned that rainy days were usually bad for me and I noticed that they would try to avoid me on those days. I knew then that I would do whatever it took to get rid of the chronic pain…”

-Gloria, Age 49

For 3 Months All 3 Woman Took a Supplement That Was Recommended To Them By A Highly Trusted Osteopathic Doctor.

This is what they said:

After 90 Days of Daily Use:

Jill experienced such a reduction in symptoms that she said “I have more mobility in my joints than I have had in years. Not only has my bedroom life improved but my husband and I have started ballroom dancing again, something I had given up to arthritis years ago.”

Brenda said “It took a couple of weeks for me to notice a result but once I did…WOW. I haven’t had any discomfort in my lower back since then. Even Cooper noticed the difference and told his mom that Grandma is now stronger.”

Gloria felt a big improvement in her wrists. She said the she only went into “Ragemode” once and it had nothing to do with joint pain and everything to do with a smashed window.

The Supplement that we are talking about is:

Everpure’s Turmeric Curcuminturmeric

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